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  • No, Really, Run in a Straight Line!

    Its all too often that those of us even halfway interested in learning self defense tactics are presented with one of the various myths that never seem to die. Perhaps most egregious is the advice that one should run in a zig-zag line when attempting to flee an active shooter. The operating theory is that […]

  • Tasks to Consider When Developing a Response Plan for Armed Crisis

    1. Establish an incident command post in a safe location 2. Identify safe ingress routes and staging areas 3. Exercise for all types of potential incidents; not just those involving firearms 4. Deal with the media who might enter potentially jeopardizing their own and others’ lives, slowing response, etc. 5. Coordinate with staff for injuries […]

  • Fired NYC Medicine School Professor Shoots Dean

    Professor Shoots Dean What makes this a note worthy news article for us is that it shows the importance of both “everyday security” and keeping your staff safe outside of the work environment. By “everyday security” we mean watching out for threats in your daily life doing your normal things. We all get complacent as […]

  • OWS News section

    This section is about empowering our clients with news, intelligence and opinions that help keep you safe. After all, knowledge is power. In this section you will find details from known threats, articles from reputable sources on shootings and disasters, as well as reference items we find valuable. I will also personally curate this information […]

  • Evacuation distances in a bomb threat

    Explosives PDF No one wants to talk about explosives but we have all, hopefully, done bomb threat drills. In general staff walk everyone out to a parking lot or field and wait for ten minutes and then everyone comes in and tries to make up for lost time. They are mundane and boring, they eat […]