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  • Who’s watching you track your fitness?

    Everyone in my office wears a fitness tracking device of some kind. I personally wear an Apple Watch as it’s the most secure. Unfortunately that’s a real concern ever since Strava had issues showing troop movements overseas. By looking at this data anyone can follow staff, students, patients or executives right to their front doors. […]

  • Should You Arm your staff?

    Talk about a lightning rod issue right now….everyone wants to know if they should arm their staff and if we can teach them? Let me start by saying this is in no way a complete opinion. This is a short blog post on a recent question we are getting up to 5 times a day. […]

  • Best Notification Protocols

    San Bernardino suffered another crisis today. By now most know an elementary school was attacked, and everyone in my office watched to see how it unfolded. We watch for a few reasons, the first is to see if there is any way we can help as field specialists, the second is to see if this […]

  • 20 Active Shooter Tips

    20 Active Shooter Tips While I normally like to write my own posts I have been linking to pieces I admire (or for news). In this case it’s the writer whom I admire as one of the foremost experts on this subject. While I wish we could all incorporate the entire list into our safety […]