Area Denial Services

Area Denial Services

Many of our client’s need a more direct approach during an event or crisis.  This includes anyone with a direct and imminent threat to people’s safety.   We have a dedicated team of professionals that are accustomed to working under austere conditions to provide both threat reduction and area denial services.  Our long-range interdiction team is unmatched in the Western United States and we use all available technology and equipment to meet the mission goals.



Our specialized teams create an area of operation around the people and buildings that need to remain secure.  We do so with multiple safety layers for redundant protection.


  • Perimeter control
  • Ground access
  • Long-range interdiction

Natural Threats

You don’t always need protection from a person or specific threat.  Sometimes Mother Nature throws a crisis at you and you need a team can look over your area until you are back up and running.


  • Ability to work in any environment
  • Self-sufficent for 48 hours
  • Trained medical personel


Man-Made Threats

Whether you just fired 10,000 employees, received a credible threat on the phone or you are in the path or violent protestors you need someone to watch your back.

The Right Team

  • Experience in hostile environments
  • Armored and armed
  • Deal well with clients and the public
When you need a team

Professional Training, Global Experience


[icon type=”thumbs-up”] Our staff have been around the world learning how best to advise you in a dangerous crisis.

Shock and Awe

The price of safety

Having a team at your disposal is never inexpensive.  However when it is compared to the coast of losing your facility and staff it is always affordable .

Tier One

A four man team on your property 24/7.

Tier Two

A four man on your property 12 hours a day.

Tier Three

A two man team on your property 8 hours a day.