OverWatch Strategies

When an event occurs you rarely have time to think and strategize at the onset. That is the reason we produce Action Safety Plans personalized for your facility. We believe in the KISS Principle; when you have an problem you need a fast response that doesn’t require your staff to carry around an emergency manual. Our full plans cover every contingency you may encounter, but then we have easy to use pull-out strategies for when you need to spring into action. We will also personally train you, and anyone else you want included, in how to implement these strategies and run drills. We are your partners in any crisis.

Who we are

Our staff come from every sector, but they all have one laser-like focus, safety. From our President’s work with the Department of Homeland Security to our Education Specialist’s 40+ years with the New York Public School System we have the abilities to prepare you for any crisis and to be there when it happens.




Education Specialist


Director of Cyber Security


Vice President of Client Relations


Director of Strategic Engagement


Director of Site Assessment


Our training program is individually designed to empower your staff in any crisis. We meet all state and federal qualifications and go above them to bring you a unique and entertaining class specifically created around your core needs. We also have refresher courses to keep everyone sharp and updated on the latest techniques.


Our comprehensive plans cover any eventuality you need to be prepared for in the modern world. This goes far beyond the normal fire and earthquake action plans. We also factor in both man-made and natural disasters endemic to your location from floods to chemical spills. We also devote a significant portion of our resources to the biggest fear on everyone’s mind, Active Shooters.


As one of the only safety agencies with an active response team we take care of you when the worst happens. Our team can provide you with crisis mitigation help on a range of topics. We know first-hand what needs to be done 10 minutes after an event, 1 hour later, the next day and beyond. Getting your facility running, keeping minds at ease and preserving your staff’s safety are always our first priority.

Facility Preperation

We have helped secure schools, medical facilities, DOD locations, companies and religious institutions. In the end the only common ground they had was needing to feel safe in their own workplace. We perform an exhaustive on-site walkthrough looking for vulnerabilities and then explain how to bolster them. Our team knows about everything from structural susceptibility to electronic precautions to physical security and we can help you stay safe.

Specific Solutions

  • Run. Hide. Fight

    This is the newest and safest method for dealing with an Active Shooter. It was developed by the Department of Homeland Security. The President of OverWatch was on the planning team.

  • GAP Analysis

    This is a detailed comparison of actual security and safety performance with potential or desired performance.

  • Shelter-in-Place

    When something happens near your space, but not inside it, it is often prudent to secure your area until the incident is over, we will teach you how to do this effectively.

  • Active Shooter Planning

    We look at your best methods of egress, where police can ingress and safety concerns during the event.

  • Target Reduction

    Our team can stage itself to enhance your security during high-threat situations and play an active role in area denial and long-range target interdiction.

  • Incident Control

    There is more to an incident than dealing with it’s immediate effects. You may have parents or loved-ones that need notification, media, legal issues and reunification areas that all require trained staff.

  • Timeline Mitigation

    Once a crisis occurs you have limited time to deal with the repercussions, we will help you get back on feet as quickly as possible and on the road to recovery.

  • Knowledge Management

    There is a great deal of institutional knowledge that needs to be passed down about your crisis abilities, we make it easy to deal with this process.

  • Overwatch

    We keep an active eye on threats to you through news, targeted notices and daily internal intelligence briefings. If there is anything to know, we try to let you know first.