Tasks to Consider When Developing a Response Plan for Armed Crisis

1. Establish an incident command post in a safe location

2. Identify safe ingress routes and staging areas

3. Exercise for all types of potential incidents; not just those involving firearms

4. Deal with the media who might enter potentially jeopardizing their own and others’ lives, slowing response, etc.

5. Coordinate with staff for injuries

6. Campus-specific and joint communications requirements and protocols (Does police dispatch participate in training exercises?)

7. Deal with distraught parents arriving at the scene

8. Deal with concealed carry permit holders who happen to be on campus

9. Deal with vehicle-borne and booby trap bombs in the building under attack as well as secondary locations

10. Deal with evacuees and ensure none are shooters

11. Train nonsworn staff to play a positive role in the response

12. Perimeter operations

13. Traffic control, both for incoming responders and evacuating personnel

14. Anticipate what to do if an active incident transitions to a hostage/barricade situation

15. Intelligence gathering from evacuees