Fired NYC Medicine School Professor Shoots Dean

Professor Shoots Dean

What makes this a note worthy news article for us is that it shows the importance of both “everyday security” and keeping your staff safe outside of the work environment. By “everyday security” we mean watching out for threats in your daily life doing your normal things. We all get complacent as we go food shopping, get the dry cleaning or a car wash. however even in those times a quick look around to see who might be watching you or your car is always a good exercise. This doesn’t mean you should become paranoid, but a healthy dose of safety is always warranted.

As for keeping your employees safe off the school grounds we all have to remember that anything that stems from a work place incident becomes your responsibility. While you are not expected to wrap your employees up in bubble wrap and personally drive them home every night, you are expected to keep an eye on threats that stem from your direct control. without knowing more of the story we can’t pass judgement on the linked story, but these things rarely happen in a bubble. As always just keep an eye on anything out of place, and if you see something, say something.