OWS News section

This section is about empowering our clients with news, intelligence and opinions that help keep you safe. After all, knowledge is power. In this section you will find details from known threats, articles from reputable sources on shootings and disasters, as well as reference items we find valuable. I will also personally curate this information and leave my opinion when it’s warranted. Looking over the news items things can look grim, after all when you hand-pick only the crisis items the world can look dark. Since this is our focus, our business, it is what you primarily will find below. However please don’t look on this as the world going gently into that goodnight, but a repository of information on one facet of human race. One we work to overcome and use to to make life a safer place for all. -David Tractenberg, President, OverWatch Strategies emerging-economies-fragile-disaster-strikes-report_118