Evacuation distances in a bomb threat

Explosives PDF

No one wants to talk about explosives but we have all, hopefully, done bomb threat drills. In general staff walk everyone out to a parking lot or field and wait for ten minutes and then everyone comes in and tries to make up for lost time. They are mundane and boring, they eat up time and everyone is on a phone while they wait. However this is one of the most common threat types made to institutions and companies alike. Please look over the link, some of our staff worked on this a while ago and it’s even more relevant now. The main take-away should be the chart on the second page. Most staff use the fire department evacuation distances of 100 feet. However that is a poor distance for explosives. While it takes more time and effort, look over your property and find a spot that is both far enough away and can shield people from the blast’s effects. Also don’t use a phone, the signal could set off a remote explosive. 99 times out of 100 the threat is not real, but we all need the train for that one time.